The Vara Malakshmi Pooja of a Bangalore Development Authority broker Suryanarayan and his family has been a rage on internet ever since the story broke. Since Suryanarayan performed Vara Lakshmi Vratam over bundles of Rs 2000, 500, 100 currency notes of denominations, it has become hot debate.

Apart from being a licensed broker for BDA, Suryanarayan owns real-estate business. Every year, he does special Vara Mahalakshmi Pooja with huge stacks of cash. But, this year, the pics of Pooja have been posted on social media platforms that have gone viral in no time.

This in turn created a huge debate in media. Responding to various news reports, Suryanarayana said that he has all necessary proofs to show that the cash used for Pooja was accounted. He said that he withdrew cash from the bank account of family and did the pooja.

Apparently, Suryanarayan & family has been performing the ritual for the last 10 years and the amount of cash withdrawn ranges from Rs 30 to Rs 73 Lakh. Suryanarayan reiterated that he is ready to show necessary documents if the need arises to prove that his cash he holds is accounted, legal.