Last year it was a jubilant moment as Pune based police constable couple Dinesh Rathod and Tarkeshwari claimed that they were the first Indian couple to scale Mount Everest.

But their claims got misfired with local mountaineers at Everest confirming that the couple never actually climbed the biggest mountain.

Posted at police headquarters in Pune’s Shivajinagar, both Dinesh and wife Tarkeshwari were suspended from police duties due to this fake claim and now they are completed removed from the service.

Police officials stated that the couple faked their expedition by morphing photographs of other climbers and showing that they really stood at peak of the world’s highest mountain.

While they are dismissed from India’s police force now, Nepal government banned the couple from entering the country for ten years. The couple were yet to respond on the dismissal, but they kept claiming that they have climbed Everest for real.