The investigation team has completed its probe into the Elphinstone Road station (in Mumbai) stampede that killed 23 people and left 39 injured a few days ago, and uncovered a shocking reason that triggered the tragic incident.

The probe has found that the unceasing downpour compelled the commuters to stay put at the end of the foot over bridge to avoid getting drenched. As trains arrive at Elphinstone Road station, which is said to be one of the busiest local stations in Mumbai, every four minutes, the crowd at the entry of the staircase on bridge kept increasing.

According to the report, what triggered the panic among commuters was a call given by a flower seller. He reportedly said, ‘phool gir gaya’ (flowers have fallen), but it was mistakenly construed by commuters as ‘pul gir gaya’ (bridge has fallen). Fearing that the age-old and overcrowded bridge was falling, people made desperate attempts to run towards the staircase, leading to the tragic stampede. The mayhem which barely lasted for 9 minutes, claimed the lives of 23.

Police also ruled out the allegations of a few women getting molested during the rescue efforts.