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Overview : The story relvolves around the family of Mr.Thirumalai $ Mrs. Mahalakshmi who had two sons, Vinoth & Vasanth both married and one daughter Abirami. The family of Varalakshmi who had an elder son named Kalyanaram, Elder daughter named Maheshwari and two other daughters Sunitha and Malika. Varalakshmi had planned to marry her son to a rich girl with a hidden motive of getting Jewelery and dowry. With the dowry she had plans to get her daughter’s marriages done. In this circumstances Thirumalai retires from his job and receives Rs 5lacs as retirement benefit, which he plans to buy jewels for his daughter Abirami’s Marriage. Varalakshmi’s son Kalyanaram gets engaged to Abirami, the daughter of Thirumalai. Kalyanaram tells the truth to Abirami that he is planning to arriage the marriage of his sister with the jewels of Abirami. After knowing this truth, Abirami gets more respect and faith towards Kalyanaram. So she decides to give jer jewellery to Kalyanaram on the occasion of his sister’s marriage. Kalyanaram selects Prakash for his sister and decides that his sister’s marriage will be done soon after his marriage. In this situation Thirumalai plans to buy jewels, but unfortunately while on his way in an auto he loses the entire money. Due to the fear that his daughter’s marriage will be stopped if he tells the truth, with the help of his friend’s idea, he plans to buy duplicate jewels and replace it with the original jewels within 15days after getting money from some other source. On the day of marriage at the marriage hall Varalakshmi comes to know about the duplicate jewels and the marriage is stopped. However, Kalyanaram marries abirami against the wishes of his mother. Meanwhile Thirumalai in order to keep his promise pays Rs. 5lacs instead of the jewelery to kalayanaram. Abirami plans to arrange the marriage of Maheshwari to Prakash but comes to know from her friend that Prakash is not a good man and his character is bad. So Abirami said who in turn now wants to teach a lesson to Abirami. However, Prakash marries Maheshwari but has an eye on Sunitha sister of Maheshwari. With a series of intersting twists and unexpected turns, what happens in the life of Abirami is the essence of Sangharshna.