CM Chandrababu Naidu seems to have taken Opposition leader Jagan’s personal comments to his heart. Responding to Jagan’s statement to shoot Chandrababu publicly, Chandrababu has turned emotional on Tuesday in two-hour-long interaction with media in AP Secretariat.

“I never expected that politics would hit this low. Never before, I’ve seen politicians like him (Jagan) in my long political career. Politics is in a very sad state of affair,” Chandrababu Naidu apparently told media persons. He shared that he had never ‘lose’ his tongue even though he was devastated with the killings of his close aides Paritala Ravindra, Siva Reddy.

This is not all. When media raised about Alipiri blast incident in 2003 that targeted to kill him, Naidu said to have reportedly opened upon several ‘historical incidents’.

Allegedly, Naidu blamed then Opposition Leader YS Rajasekhar Reddy and accused of him for ‘playing’ role in Alipiri incident. According to various media reports, Chandrababu alleged that YS Rajasekhar Reddy had connection with organised criminal Gangi Reddy who is one of the accused in the Alipiri blast incident. Chandrababu apparently didn’t stop. He reportedly alleged that Rajasekhar Reddy had feared of Gangi Reddy that he would reveal his (YSR) name during interrogation and joined protest against the Alipiri incident.

Chandrababu also accused Rajasekhar Reddy of maintaining ‘relation’ with Gani Reddy even after becoming Chief Minister and how YSR went to Gangi Reddy’s village to meet him. Now these shocking revelations of Chandrababu have been the hot topic in political circles. After 14 years, Chandrababu has opened upon Alipiri blast and his fresh allegation of YSR’s connection to the blast is expected to trigger major controversy in current-day politics.